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The Red Roses Pattern Print

red roses pattern print
red roses pattern print
My Red Roses Handmade Pattern Print Is Now Available in My Shop! <3

The inspiration for my Red Roses print came from my love of roses. If you like flowers, I’m pretty sure you’ll like roses too. I’m big on nature and hence I was motivated to make this pattern.

If florals are your thing, you are going to love this print!

This hand painted pattern was made with watercolours. It has a soft, feminine and elegant feel to it. A perfect addition to your home!

This print is available on a lot of different merchandise, such as travel accessories, home decor, art print, notebooks, wall art etc.

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How To Paint A Book Rack Illustration In Your Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal’s “Books To Read” Spread has a Book Rack Theme!

I love watercolours, they’ve always been a very relaxing hobby for me! And this year, I’ve dived into the art of bullet journaling.

I painted this book rack for my bullet journal. The idea behind this book rack stemmed from the fact that I’ve not been able to dedicate enough time for reading. Back in 2016, I was only able to read 5 books. The entire year.

And I only read them because I wanted to learn more about such certain things, they were more like academic books. And this year, I wanted to change that. When I made the decision to start bullet journaling, I knew that I wanted to increase the number of books I read in a year.

I keep busy with my Graphic Design work and my other blog, including managing an Etsy shop. My days are filled with blog-related tasks, designing work, and all the other backend stuff. When I’m free, I spend that time with my family and my pets. This left me with almost no time for reading.

Hence, I decided to add this “book rack theme” to my bullet journal so that it reminds me and encourages me to read more often.

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